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Branded SMS | Business SMS | Bulk SMS In Pakistan

The wide use of Smartphones

Corporate SMS is a surefire way to quickly get your brand name moving at a low cost. 

SMS messaging is one great way to directly engage yourself with your customers. This enables a more direct and two-way communication process for your users all over the world. Mass SMS service is widely used by many online giants, even nowadays. eBay, Amazon, Alibaba – to name a few, take advantage of this versatile messaging system, so ther’s no denying its importance no matter how large or small your business scale is. Business or branded SMS service is one sure way to promote your brand and market yourself. It is a very reliable way to send messages and answer queries. Many people trust Brand SMS more than any other platform as they are assured of the identity of the company they are messaging.

Benefits of message service

With the passage of time, the world of trade has changed significantly over the years. Now there are new tools and gadgets available in the market for online business promotion.

Affordable Cost

In comparison to other costlier counterparts, our branded SMS service is reasonably priced and much more affordable. We offer different SMS plans depending on your individual business needs. For as low as Rs 500 per month, you can send 500 branded messages to your patrons, no matter the network. It has a secure content management feature and a user panel with an added delivery report for more accessible tracking options.

A premium plan is also available at a reasonable amount, considering all the added extra features that you can fully utilize. If you are in need of a much more extensive frame, we also offer a yearly plan or a high volume price corporate messaging package. No matter your needs, we have every plan tailored for you, uniquely.

Branded SMS | Business SMS | Bulk SMS In Pakistan