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Branded SMS | Business SMS | Bulk SMS In Pakistan

The wide use of Smartphones

The use of smartphones is increasing rapidly amongst the young and adults. 

 As per the recent statistics, around 81% of the adults are using smartphones. Therefore using SMS marketing efforts is the best way to reach out to the targeted audience to generate better sales. By sending Bulk SMS Pakistan with a brand link attached to it across all the customers spread across various mobile networks, you can eventually experience a better sales count for your business. It is not mandatory online for online businesses but is also beneficial for offline stores. 

Better rate of Engagement

The engagement rate with the use of SMS marketing services is probably high than the use of email marketing services. As per the recent statistics, 90% of the people read SMS messages within 3 minutes of getting delivered. It is majestically a great figure over emails. Therefore sending bulk SMS through SMS Marketing platform is a healthy and adequate remedy for an improved rate of success.

Branded SMS | Business SMS | Bulk SMS In Pakistan
Branded SMS | Business SMS | Bulk SMS In Pakistan

Best for new businesses

If you are planning to start-up a new business and willing to operate in countries or regions where the internet is not affordable, then switch to SMS marketing measures. Sending Bulk SMS to the targeted audience is now easy and affordable for the brands to gain a progressive hike during the initial period of the new businesses. All the growing businesses are now adapting online SMS services to reach out to potential customers for creating a better brand impression.