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Best handy tool to handle all SMS campagins

SMS marketing is still an emerging form of advertising. It is seeing rapid growth and market penetration as an advertising form but it still lags behind traditional advertising methods such as direct mail, newspaper, radio & TV. Businesses of all sizes need to educate themselves to the benefits of text message marketing and realize the power it has to bring them more sales at a higher return on investment for their advertising dollar. As we all know in today’s fast-paced world communication is a very important part of our daily life to stay in touch with clients, partners, providers, suppliers, employees, colleagues, family or friends. 

Easy UI Interface

Best handy tool to handle all SMS campagins

Our experience of more than 8 years gives us the power to develop what works best for your users. We craft native code which is as per the latest Android standards & easy to maintain. Creativity is in our company’s genes, so we reflect that with every product we produce. The interference of application so user-friendly even it can be used without having any technical knowledge. Further support section can be used for further help. Users must have an active internet connection to use BrandedSMS’s android application. 

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